[scribus] Beyond 1.3.8 for OS X

Craig Bradney cbradney at zip.com.au
Mon Jan 10 21:26:03 CET 2011

It now shows the 1.3.9 version. I hadn't updated the default OSX download.
> But the whole page gives a hint on 1.4.0svn on Windows and a recent talk
> with mrdocs made me believe we were on the way to 1.4.0 candidate release so
> I thought I could have a look and this is what I found. Hence my question.
> And to Ale, same. 1.4.0svn is there to download and it's pretty new (14
> hours ago)...
A release of 1.4.0.svn will be coming soon enough, within 2 weeks I
would say (but for those who jump to conclusions, that will not be 1.4.0)


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