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Meho R. mehor at gmx.com
Mon Jan 10 17:08:26 CET 2011

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> On 01/10/2011 05:35 AM, Tony Hamilton wrote:
> >
> > This sequence gives me the option of showing a line on any or all of the
> > 4 sides of the rectangle which forms a boundary or border to the elected
> > paragraph. For example, If I choose to use a visible continuous line of
> > 0.05 pt width on the top boundary of the paragraph then I create the
> > appearance of the top line of text in the paragraph as having been
> > 'overlined', rather than underlined. In my opinion this looks an
> > attractive way of separating this para. from the preceding one.
> >
> > If I create this appearance while defining or modifying a style in OO
> > Write, I can now very quickly apply the effect of para. separator at
> > will throughout my document by applying that style to any para. I
> > select.
> >
> > I want to do the same thing in Scribus, but can find no way of doing
> > it.
> >
> > Creating gaps is not what I want - I want a line.
> >
> > Adding an in-line graphic is not satisfactory: using a style means
> > (almost) a 1 click amount of work to create the para. separators, via
> > styles. To do it any other way is to ignore the whole concept of styles.
> > And I'm not really interested in creating some sort of 'macro'
> > (script ?) which would allow a productivity gain. For a start there is
> > then no real connection between the paragraph and the line above it.
> I think you don't understand an inline graphic.
> Make a horizontal line anywhere on the page. Copy it (Ctrl+C), then in a 
> text frame in Edit Contents mode, paste the line (Ctrl+V -- something 
> like one click AFAICT). You paste it just like a character, and it stays 
> in place just like a line of text. You can left-justify, center, or 
> right-justify, just like text.
> This is also the principle in the fancy bullets video, of pasting a 
> small graphic like a text character. The main problem with bullets is 
> that they're not on a keyboard. What the video shows is using other 
> characters then a search and replace method to change them.
> Greg
> PS I think if you overuse these between paragraph separators, it just 
> interferes with the reading of the text.

But what if he copied and pasted 50 lines accross the document and later decide to change their width, or color, or even completely remove them? 

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