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2011/1/7 Peter Nermander <peter at nermander.se>

> Using LaTeX native might be confusing, but going by LyX is rather easy.
> One of my hobbies is bookbinding. When learning bokkbinding you of
> course want books to bind. So, I went to Project Gutenberg and
> downloaded a few books. They come as plain text files, but formatted
> according to a few specific rules. The consistent formatting means
> that it is quite easy to write a script to transfer to LaTeX format.
> And of course someone has already done that, the script is called
> gutenmark.
> I did that, imported the LaTeX file into Lyx, made some adjustments
> and then exported to a PDF. Took me 10-15 minutes to get The
> Adventures of Sherlock Holmes as a printable PDF.

Hi Peter,

I am reading your post with much interest and wonder whether you'd like to
give us a link where we could download the PDF you have produced with LyX?
and even, the LaTeX file too?

Thanks and happy new year !


> So I'd suggest that if editing LaTeX manually seems hard, try LyX.
> I really can't see any good reason to use Scribus for a book with only
> text, and one text frame per page. The reason is that Scribus still
> lacks a lot of the automation you want for such a projekt. Scribus
> can't do automatic running headers with the chapter name (in LaTeX
> it's just one line of code, to get it for all chapters), no automatic
> chapter numbering etc etc.
> With Scribus you have to more or less design each page manually. With
> LaTeX you set up the design "rules" and then LaTeX fills the pages
> with text automatically according to the rules you have set up.
> So, for projects where many pages have the same design (same margins,
> headers etc) LaTeX still beats Scribus. For projects where you want to
> be able to play around with the design of each page Scribus beats
> LaTeX.
> Of course the project CAN be done in Scribus, but it takes a lot more
> manual work.
> /Peter
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