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Jean-Louis Cordonnier jlcord2 at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jan 6 20:16:08 CET 2011

Le 06/01/2011 19:16, John Jason Jordan a écrit :
> It may be possible to do your book in ten minutes with LaTeX. But it
> may take a month to learn how. At the same time, I know Scribus well
> and it would probably take me not much more than ten minutes to do an
> all-text book in Scribus as well. But it may take you a month to learn
> how to do it in Scribus, the same as LaTeX.
It depends what it your aim ; it's very long to learn if you want to 
make tables with aligned numbers, or figures, or big mahs equations...
Bur for a novel your only needs are chapter titles, page numbers, foot 
notes, maybe. Basic table of content (not with lines like ...)
> LaTeX is Mozart. Scribus is Mendelssohn. Some love them both; others
> prefer one over the other. I encourage you to give LaTeX a shot. But
> don't kick yourself if it turns out not to be your cup of tea. You can
> always come to my house and we'll put on the Hebrides Overture.
I would rather say LaTeX is /*The Art of Fugue*/ (/*Die Kunst der Fuge) 
;) :o)
> :) :) :)
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