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From: Jouni Filip Maho <jofimaho at gmail.com>
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On 5 January 2011, at 21:29, John Culleton wrote:

> On Wednesday 05 January 2011 03:42:23 Jouni Filip Maho wrote:
>> I meant 1.3.1.
> Do you really mean 1.3.1? The soon-to-be-obsoleted "stable" version is
> That's 14 different sub versions of 1.3.3. Version 1.3.4 was
> an early attempt using the new sla format that was quickly obsoleted.
> 1.3.5 is still pretty old. 1.3.9 is what many people use. 1.4.0 should
> be the official stable release in about a month.

Yes, when I open scribus and look up the version numer, it says 1.3.1.

I also did "fink list scribus" at the terminal and got:

    Information about 5148 packages read in 5 seconds.
     i   scribus          1.3.1-1002   Layout program
         scribus-aqua     1.3.2-11     Layout program
         scribus-i18n-en  1.0-1        English documentation for scribus

Which is also what it said prior to installation.

> It might pay to equip yourself with the necessary software to compile
> new releases as they are announced. But that also means downloading
> the libraries, particularly the current Qt, required by the version
> you are compiling.

I manually installed Qt 4.7.1 from the Nokia site. However, during  
the scribus installation, fink installed Qt 3.3.6, which is the one  
listed under "About Qt" now.




Not seeing ..

I guess, that you not have yet "opened" the unstable packages trees for fink.



and follow the hints for Q4.1.

Maybe, that you have to repeat these steps a second time.

Parallel QT installations

The manually installed Qt 4.7.1 from the Nokia site will lead to conflicts with fink.

You have to move or rename at least some key files from this parallel installation, as I described it in my hint list :

  - For the necessary procedure please read 

  - scribus Digest, Vol 33, Issue 111
    Datum: Thu, 30. Dec 2010 10:57:48

  - Today's Topics:


    9. Scribus 1.3.9 - MacOS X, 10.4, G4 processor .


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