[scribus] Using Scribus for novels and short stories

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Dear Jean-Louis,

Thanks for this advice about LaTex being preferable to Scribus for my purposes.
How does the transfer from Word XP work? 
Do the files go straight into LaTex or via Open Office? 
Will headers and footers (running titles and page numbers) be preserved?
What do I do about kerning?
Can I transfer pages into PDF format?
Where is the best place on the Web for a tutorial on LaTex?


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It's possible to export odt file to tex file with a plugin = writer2latex
I agree with the choice of LaTeX.
If your book is only text + chapter titles, it takes only 10 minutes to 
do the whole job with LaTeX !
Try to know if this tool fits to your wishes.

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> Hi Scottie,
> An alternative to using pure LaTeX might be to convert the word documents to
> LyX, which provides a WYSIWYG wrapper that can simplify editing.  Then, you 
> either work to create a custom style sheet or document class so that your book
> has a distinctive look.

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