[scribus] Moving lines

Nikita Sagl nikita.s at gmx.at
Wed Jan 5 21:46:19 CET 2011


Scribus 1.3.9
Ubuntu 10.04 

Does anybody know if there is an option to move just one end of a line
using the keyboard, without effecting the position of the other end of
the line?

I have to draw lines and locate them very accurate to some given points.
This does work using the mouse, but my arm and shoulder do hurt, because
of this very fine movements.

I too thought about buying the "Kensington extreme trackball" for using
it instead of an ordinary mouse, but I dont know if it runs under Ubuntu

I would be very happy if there was the possibility to move one end of a
line via keyboard.

Thank you,
Nikita Sagl - Vienna

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