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Julian Robbins julian.robbins at q-par.com
Wed Jan 5 10:32:39 CET 2011

> I agree. My take on tooltips is they cover a real need to let people know
> what they are using. Sometimes, they are too long, I also agree. But
> overall, they are paving the way to a good usage of the application. I would
> not throw that away. Maybe, for some knowledgeable users, a way in the Prefs
> to turn them out.
> Also, as a translator, these tooltips are great to understand a specific
> functionality.
> Louis
Something that has been mentioned before, but somewhat lost in this 
thread, is that you may need tooltips in some scenarios, ie warnings 
perhaps, and more general help in a panel area in the app other times.

I dont particularly find tooltips an annoyance either. But what I do 
find useful and have mentioned before is that Inkscape has a useful 
feature (and is a similar app in many ways), where at the bottom the 
screen in a single line in the GUI interface there is always mention of 
how you can use the button (command) that you are hovering over or have 
selected. ie if you are using a Move tool, this line adds info that is 
pertinent to _exactly_ what you are doing.

ie if on a left hand top grab bar of an object, it says 'Rotate 
selection, with Cntrl (in Bold) to scale uniformaly, with Shift to scale 
around rotation centre'.  So if you're not sure for example how to scale 
it uniformly it gives you a clue. Using other grab bars on same object 
gives different relevant info on the possible actions from here.  I've 
found this type of system with a more complicated app such as a graphics 
tool like Inkscape, really really useful.


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