[scribus] Issue Transferring Sla File With Image

J K kramer.newsreader at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 06:15:58 CET 2011

Hi guys,

Let me apologize in advance if this is a known issue, but I haven't been on
the group long.

I recently tried to transfer a scribus sla file to another computer whose
directory structure was laid out differently than the one on which I was
working previously.  Thus the image files existed in different directories.
 Rather than handling the problem relatively gracefully by for example,
displaying a red X on the image shapes and then allowing me to update their
locations, Scribus refused to load the document at all, forcing me to go
back to my original system and create a version with all of the images
deleted for transfer.

Don't need a work around as I already have one, but it would be nice to get
this fixed at some point.


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