[scribus] Organizing the workspace display

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Jan 4 13:39:56 CET 2011

hi j/.,

> In general I think that tool tips which appear after say 5 seconds of 
> hovering are incredibly useful to new or occasional users, and no 
> inconvenience to experienced users.
> There could always be an option to vary the time and / or turn them 
> off altogether ?

as an experienced user, i can tell you that having tooltips floating 
around for 5 seconds is a real inconvenience...

and occasional users won't see (click-away-syndrome, needing more than 5 
seconds to read them) and probably won't understand them.

personally, i keep on thinking that tooltips, and popups in general, are 
not a good solution for warnings.

as soon as we have the new properties palette, i will try to come up 
with a prototype for a warning / information / status palette...


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