[scribus] Washed out images in PDF printing to Adobe

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Wellcome! About 'Trapped key' is drop - down buton in my MacOSX, haven't idea how look on windows, or what need to do. I'm sure somewere, somehow it can be set.

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Hi, Tom.?If you allready have Acrobat pro, you have one better solution:
Export from Scribus to pdf 1.5, colors = for printer output
Open the document in AcrobatPro, choose?file/export/export to PDF X, this
wil open a utility window, in this window hit settings, new utility window
open, you have radio buton ?to choose pdx-1a, and other flavor. I recomand
Traped key to set 'true' (i.e.?this will keep overprint-black settings ) and
ISO to sett 'US web coated (swop)' - but you will decide this is fitt your
sorry for my english, if my I'm not realy clear

EXCELLENT! That did the trick. I couldn't figure out how to set the Trapped
key to true, though. It preflighted OK, so mustn't be too bad. Thank you for
understanding my problem and providing a simple solution.

Your English is fine. We language-impaired Americans are used to
communicating with people for whom English is not their first language. It
helps that my grandfather came from The Netherlands as an adult in 1913 and
always spoke with a heavy accent. I even lived in England for a year and,
after a few months, was able to understand them. The Scots were a different

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