[scribus] Washed out images in PDF printing to Adobe

Tom Tom at tuxedo-press.com
Sun Jan 2 15:04:39 CET 2011

> Images in PDFs created by printing to Adobe Acrobat 9 are noticeably
> different than those created by exporting to PDF in that the images are
> washed out in those created by printing to Adobe. Both types of files have
> been submitted to CreateSpace for printing with predictable results. The
> images come out brighter on books that are printed from PDFs created by
> exporting from Scribus. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way to
> eliminate this problem with Adobe?

As an experiment, I opened one of the images with GIMP and printed to Adobe
Acrobat using the same profile as when printing from Scribus
(PSF/X-1a:2001). The resultant PDF was sharp and clear as expected, not
washed out as when printed to Acrobat from Scribus. Could there be an
interaction between Scribus and Acrobat that requires some parameter to be
set to compensate for this interaction?

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