[scribus] 1.4 rc1 wont open new file

John O'Sullivan johnosullivan413 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 28 19:25:11 CET 2011

>On 02/27/2011 07:47 PM, Thomas Baumann wrote:
>> Have just downloaded 1.4 rc1 and opened.  I can open a file created with 
>> without problems.  But when I go to open a new blank document Scribus 
>>crashes with notation of Exception Access Violation.  I do not have >> 
>>at the same time.
>> How to fix?
>try renaming your .scribus directory, so that Scribus creates a new one 
>with default settings.
>It should be in C:\\Documents and Settings\yourusername\

For what it's worth, I have entered a bug on this matter recently.  And the 
quickest solution for me (folder not a fix) was to simply follow a template-like 
path.  I created a blank document with the earlier version with a meaningful 
name - StartDoc for me.  I then opened and saved it in the more recent version.  
For each new document, I simply open the blank/unformatted StartDoc.sla.  It 
seems lazy, but it works.

John O'Sullivan

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