[scribus] Scribus crashes when saving PDF

eric hanuise ehanuise at fantasybel.net
Mon Feb 28 00:10:33 CET 2011

On 27/02/11 12:07, a.l.e wrote:
> hi thomas
>> Whenever I try to save a PDF file, Scribus crashes for "Unknown
>> Exception".  I've tried rebooting, etc. but with no success.  The
>> file is 6 pages long with about half page of text and 35 photos, some
>> rectangular and some oval.  Doesn't crash on other files with similar
>> content. On and Window XP. Any ideas?
I had the same problem under linux,, when trying to export 
PDFs, only when color calibration was enabled (using an icc color profile.)
I switched to 1.3.7 ('NG' on ubuntu) and it solved the problem.
Just be aware that files saved under a newer version won't be backwars 
However, you can install both versions, continue working under, 
and only open the file under a newer version to generate your PDFs.

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