[scribus] Using BBS instead

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Fri Feb 25 07:18:59 CET 2011

> Whilst in theory that is true, in practise (certainly for me) it is not. A
> forum is something I will use to ask a question if I can't find the information
> somewhere else and there isn't the option to join a mailing list to ask.

Well, of course you can use a wrench to hammer a nail, but is it the right tool?

The point is that neither the forum nor the mailing list are there for
your ease. They are there for all the members.

If you just pop in when you need an answer you are not "giving back"
to the community. You are just using it as a "free support".

When your first post to a forum or mailing list is a question, I think
it's bad netiquette.


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