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D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 20:16:34 CET 2011

Stephen Carboni said the following at 02/22/2011 05:04 AM :
> Hi Everyone,
> Instead of using a mailing list for scribus support, how about we use
> a forum/BBS?
> I find the mailing list to archaic and clunky.
> Forums are much easier to use for the end user who has problems they
> want to resolve.

I cannot think of a single objective advantage that a forum possesses over
an e-mail reflector. I have tried quite hard to think of one over the past
few years, but I have yet to come up with even one. You do claim that they
are somehow "easier to use"... all I can say is that that must be a
subjective advantage, because I completely disagree.

Conversely, I can think of several objective advantages of reflectors over

1. Comments/questions/replies appear properly filtered on my system and in
a timely manner without me having to do anything*.

2. The archive is under my control, and can be searched using good search

3. Individual items can be tagged appropriately on my system.

4. Items can be properly signed (OK, so that's not a biggie for Scribus,
although as a security guy I wish that everyone would take it seriously).

That's more than enough for me to wonder why anyone would choose to use a
forum. Of course, if someone wants to expend the effort to add a forum
interface *in addition to* the reflector, I don't care. But the proposal
was to use something *instead* of the reflector. I can't sit idly by and
not respond to such a radical (and, I believe, misguided) proposal.

*I find it somehow bizarre that many fora send an e-mail to notify one of a
response, and that is somehow regarded as a feature.


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