[scribus] Need Arial, Times New Roman Font "equivalents" to look/print nice in PDF

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Feb 22 08:21:39 CET 2011

hi alias john

> 1) Why did the word-processing world settle upon these pitiful,
> hopeless fonts Arial and Times New Roman? I suppose the others did it
> because Microsoft did, but why did Microsoft choose these fonts?

each font has characteristics which makes them fit specific jobs.

personally, i'm already happy when people somehow get it right when choosing among serif, sans and monospace... and avoid comic sans for most purposes (you guess it: it has been created for speech balloons)

there are lots of details somebody can do "wrong" in DTP: if you're a DTP-wizard you will spot each of those small sins. if you're a mere mortal, you will just notice that it does not look well done. you won't know why, but it does not feel right, it's not pleasing to read / look at...


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