[scribus] Using Scribus to make booklet with all twitter post in a conf using RSS file.

Alexandre Leray alexandre at alexandreleray.com
Sun Feb 20 18:13:52 CET 2011

Hi John,

Indeed it could be something like automatic linking to an external file;
but like with a CGI script this file would not have to be static, and
could be executed.

To me a textframe render would have the same benefit as the
framerender... You can do without the latter and just render your
postscript outside Scribus. Then you can import the .ps -- in a regular
fashion -- in an image frame.

But what makes the frame render interesting to me is that your aren't
linking it to a static image but to a programme (outputting an image),
no matter what's in it.

Also, the code is a /property/ of the frame and it is a kind a mental
shift from let say, opening the python console and executing a script on
top of the document. I've got interested in this kind of thinking with
[Squeak and smalltalk in general][1].

[1]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squeak

Also, it would facilitate the use of non-python scripts, resulting in a
greater diversity of scripting styles.

I have a concrete example of how it could be use: Ludivine, Stéphanie
and I, from OSP, gave a workshop last year consisting of doing posters
using very basic command line tools only. One of the idea was to present
to the participants the principle of unix pipes and the unix philosophy.
Full description [here][2] and here[3].

[2]: http://stdin.fr/Works/PCMMD
[3]: http://osp.constantvzw.org/works/index.php?/projects/pc--mmd/

One of the command line a participant wrote was:

    cat texts/awkward_gestures.mkd | tr ' ' '\n' | tr -d -C "[zZ ]" \
    | tr -d '[:punct:]

To generate a pdf we had to use a mix of enscript and ps2pdf. It was
nice since the idea was to use the command line only. But now I'm
thinking it would be so great to be able to get the result directly in
scribus, and start to think about doing generative design like this.

I was able to do this using the frame render, but had to import the
postscript as generated by enscript. Now I'm wondering... could we get
rid of enscript and import text directly (meaning I could edit it and
style it in scribus, because enscript is a pain to deal with!)

Hope my thinking is more clear now. I don't really have experience yet
with scribus scripts so let me know if I missed something!



On 16/02/11 16:19, John Culleton wrote:
> On Tuesday 15 February 2011 14:15:18 Alexandre Leray wrote:
>> Hi Pascal and Scribusers,
>> I don't know anything about scribus scripting but I'm thinking for
>> this soemthing like the framerender for text -- a text-renderer --
>> would be awesome, don't you think?
>> -- Alex
> Um, how would this differ from just filling a text frame or linked 
> sequence of frames from an external text file? What am I missing here?

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