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In the story editor on the icon bar there is a little icon of a bucket 
pouring out ink. You click on that and then you can scroll through the 
various colors on your chosen palette.

But lets back up a bit. Before you open any Scribus document you can 
choose a palette. So with no document open click on Edit, then Colors 
and a window will appear.

Click on the field for Current Color Set and select a CMYK set. I like 
the Scribus Open Office CMYK set.  The color called Black at the top of 
that set is CMYK 0,0,0,100. That is the default for text. So really 
you don't have to do anything so long as you have chosen a CMYK 

A little trick when going over the colors in the palette. You can't 
edit one of the standard colors. So you click on "Duplicate this 
color." Now you get a window that has bars for CMYK. You can tell from 
that what the formula is for the color you chose. Then just cancel the 
window without creating another color.  

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