[scribus] Images

Peter Linnell mrdocs at scribus.info
Tue Feb 15 22:57:16 CET 2011

On 02/15/2011 06:57 PM, B Hirsekorn wrote:
> Is there a way to 'imbed' images in a
> document rather than 'link' them? 
> I have a number of screen clips to add to a Scribus document and prefer they be
> part of the document rather than linked. This is a document to be passed to
> other people so having multiple images in a directory is cumbersome. 
> Betty

This was done by design and on purpose. Embedding images inside of page
layout files has been the cause of numerous problems with other page
layout applications. It is not a bug it is a feature. As someone who has
been working with page layout applications for many years, this is
something I was quite adamant to avoid.

For handing out your file to others, we have File > Collect for Output
when then allows you to export the native scribus file plus all images
and fonts into a directory.

I hope that helps to explain why Scribus works the way it does.


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