[scribus] TeX and render frames

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Feb 14 08:14:05 CET 2011

> 2)      Do I understand correctly that when you render a render frame
>        the frame is rendered as a bitmap, but then you can check the
>        box on the PDF export dialog window to render the frame as
>        vectors. Does Scribus then somehow convert the bitmap image to
>        vectors on the way to PDF? Or did I misunderstand this and the
>        render frame can be rendered directly as vectors from the
>        beginning?

I _think_ it works like this (based on what I have read on the list):

Render frames can (theoretically) use any application that can provide
postscript or PDF output based on "custom" page size (Scribus provides
the frame size as screen size).
So, the content of a render frame is handled just like an image frame
with a PDF.

When a render frame is displayed on screen it is rendered as a bitmap
by ghostscript.

When a PDF is created, the render frame can be embedded "as is" in the
PDF or rendered as a bitmap by ghostscript.


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