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2011/2/13 Andrew <akroiter at tpg.com.au>

> On 14/02/2011, at 5:35 AM, John Culleton wrote:
>  On Sunday 13 February 2011 03:25:05 a.l.e wrote:
>>> hi john jason,
>>>  There is a LaTeX exit and LaTeX has table creation tools. I will
>>>>> experiment a bit.
>>>> I realized several months ago that tables could be created in a
>>>> render frame with LaTeX, and I started to try to learn enough
>>>> LaTeX to be able to do tables that way. But then I discovered
>>>> that render frames are rendered as raster images and I lost
>>>> interest.
>>> render frames can be rendered as vectors... there's a checkbox for
>>> it in the pdf export dialog.
>>> ciao
>>> a.l.e
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>> Aand I would remind all and sundry that LaTeX is not the beginning and
>> likely not the end game for TeX. When time permits I will describe
>> table layout in the original Plain TeX, in TeXsis, and in Context
>> (several versions available.) I use the TeXsis flavor because it is
>> pretty simple.
>> -- John Culleton
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>>  Maybe I'm wrong, but surely there are mailing lists or whatever for
> 'TeX'.
> This is a Scribus list.

Well, this happens. (This is how the Scribus list is.) And it also happens
that since we have a Render Frame in Scribus (ie a Frame that allow to
interpret and render the code from other applications, not only TeX),
somehow there is going to be such derivative thread, one bringing to the
other. Nothing wrong here, really. Plus, when you know just how weak is
Scribus in the typographic field (from the professional stand point at
least), then it's nothing to be surprised when you read some posts about any
flavors of TeX. This is all knitted pretty tightly.

> And wasn't this thread about someone joining the Scribus programming team?

Yes it was. And it slipped and this also happens ! :)

Consider this as a parenthesis.

Cheers !


> Andrew
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