[scribus] Objects in Scrapbook

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Feb 10 13:12:02 CET 2011

hi Nikita Sagl,

> It seems that in the scrapbook I cannot host more than 100 objects, is
> this right?

who needs more than 100 objecs in a scrapbook?

well, the limitation is a bit silly, but i wonder if one should not 
create several scrapbooks if she has as many elements...

> I wonder what happens if I delete objects from scrapbook that are used
> in different sla files. Will these objects dissapear?

the scrapbook is not related to the file and the elements placed in a 
file are not related to the scrapbook they come from.

so, if you delete elements from a scrapbook
- they wont show up in the scrapbook anymore, indipendently from the 
file currently open.
- the object already placed in a file won't be affected.

> If this is the case - can I save an existing scrapbook and open another
> one, filled with particualr the same and or different objects?

you can have as many scrapbooks as you want... with any object in there...


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