[scribus] Importing pdf

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Feb 8 14:26:04 CET 2011

hi john,

>   I can't speak for the other John, but I have a document that was
> prepared in pdftex. Because it contains color I need it in pdf x/1-
> a:2001 format. Otherwise it is not acceptable to the printer, LSI. I
> have had good luck with covers for LSI using Scribus 1.5.0. But this
> booklet has a color interior as well.
> It looks like I will have to break the pages apart and import them one
> by one.
> Bummer.

so, you're using scribus as a pdf ?? to pdf x/1a converter?

as i said: doable, but not really the purpose of scribus...


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