[scribus] Master pages

Meho R. mehor at gmx.com
Fri Feb 4 21:21:04 CET 2011

There is one thing about master pages which I've just remembered now while reading the discussion and which confused me when I started Scribus for the first time:
I tried to edit a master page and when finished, I didn't know how to return to "normal" document editing mode. "Edit Master Pages" window just looked as a utility window which didn't indicate in any manner that in fact by closing that very window I would return to my document.

Saying all that, a button, at the bottom of "Edit Master Page" window which says "Finish Editing Master Pages" or just "End Editing", as is done for editing shapes, might be a good idea.

And about small changes on some pages which involve changing elements of a master page, I personally think it's better to leave that be. If there are only couple of those cases/pages, it is not a big deal to create copies of the master page involved and change that/those part(s). But if there are many of them, then some rethinking and redesigning is necessary anyway.

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