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Peter 4221list at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 16:06:37 CET 2011

> Hi,
> I'm trying to follow the wiki description
> Creating_custom_image_frames_
> >
> .
> Somehow it seems that Scribus on my Mac will not let me attach a image to
> image frame that have been created out of a imported svg once I'w followed
> the workflow described. Is it the workflow in the wiki that is wrong or is
> it me that have just missed out one crucial step. It's possible for me to
> create a text box - change the shape of it, convert it to a image frame
> voila in there a image can go :-) - but that will not let me create
> artistic
> framing using masking style :-(

 Maybe you missed this step?
*Step 8 (Scribus)* Open your Scribus document and use the
File->Import->Import SVG...

Nop I'w done that also :-( seems like the image frame in the conversion
looses the ability
to become a picture frame again. Described process have bee followed very

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