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Fred Zimmerman wfz at nimblebooks.com
Tue Aug 30 21:17:22 UTC 2011

Agreed on all counts -- good summary. Lots of options. I am building this
tool for myself, if it helps others that's gravy.

On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 17:06, john Culleton <john at wexfordpress.com> wrote:

> On Tue, 30 Aug 2011 08:57:36 -0400
> Fred Zimmerman <wfz at nimblebooks.com> wrote:
> > Right. People who want to design without the templates certainly have
> > that option, or they could  buy his ebook on Scribus production and
> > use his spine-calculating tool, or they could engage the services of
> > John or a thousand other excellent book cover designers.  This is
> > just an option.
> >
> > The program cues off the templates because 1) that is what Lightning
> > Source's formal written instructions tell users to do 2) the
> > templates have LSI bar codes used for LSI's internal tracking
> > purposes. It's recognized that this is fragile because LSI might
> > change their templates, but, if they change their templates, that
> > probably means that they are also (slightly) changing the underlying
> > spine, etc. calculations, so either way the program logic would have
> > to be adapted.
> A fair number of experienced people have been bypassing the LSI
> template for some time now. They may also be using other printers who
> don't even offer templates. LSI may be happier if you use their template
> but they don't require it or charge you less if you do. When you
> multiple source the book using e.g., Createspace and/or 360 Digital
> Books etc. the LSI template can't be used with those other printers in
> any case.
> Another factoid in this whole discussion: If you don't use Scribus
> 1.5.0 as the last step (my technique) and also don't want to spend a few
> hundred on Adobe Distiller then you can actually submit your cover as a
> Tiff file. That way you can sidestep the PDF X/10a:2001 recommendation
> which is almost a requirement for B/W interior book covers and is an
> absolute requirement for books with color pages in them.  I have read
> posts on other groups from publishers who use Tiff for B/W interior
> book covers on LSI and get results that satisfy them. Scribus can of
> course produce Tiff as output.
> For books with B/W interiors printed via LSI you have these choices:
> 1. Use their template and make sure the final product meets PDF
> X/1-a:2001.
> 2. Ignore their template and produce a cover sized file meeting PDF
> X/1-a:2001 (my technique)
> 3. Create a Tiff file.
> All these methods work.
> BTW my template program consists of a web page and a perl program. If
> anyone wants to borrow from either that's OK by me. You can simply view
> source on the web page and thus obtain the html code (very simple as it
> happens) and if you want the perl program just ask me and I will
> furnish it. My web host supports Perl so that is why I chose that
> language.
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