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Ninite is a convenient reinstaller for Windows and Linux.
Ninite supports Inkscape, but not Scribus. I had a quick email exchange with Patrick concerning support of Scribus, which would no doubt make our life easier and promote Scribus to new users.

We might want to contact Patrick individually and let him know how dedicated we are. I think offering in return to display our connection on the Scribus website is the least we could do.

I'm not too sure about the estimated size of the community, although I've heard the figure of 1 million downloads recently?


Hi Cedric,

We've had some requests for Scribus, but it's not 
quite popular enough for us to add to Ninite yet. We'll keep it in mind 
as we expand though. Thanks!

Patrick Swieskowski
Co-Founder — Ninite — http://ninite.com
pat at ninite.com
On Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 07:13 AM, you wrote at http://ninite.com/feedback
> Hi
 I am an active member of the Scribus community (www.scribus.net). I am 
wondering if Scribus could be included in the applications you serve.
> Cedric Sagne
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