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Christen christenanderson1994 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 01:13:35 UTC 2011

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> On 08/19/2011 03:44 PM, Christen wrote:
> > Hello a.l.e.,
> >
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> >> hi christen,
> >>
> >>> When I put a border around a text box, is it possible to tell
> Scribus
> >>> to only put the border on, say, two of the sides rather than all
> >>> four? I realize this can be done by making a separate object
> (a.k.a.
> >>> line) for each side that I want bordered. However, this seems
> rather
> >>> time-consuming, and definitely a bit non-intuitive - aside from the
> >>> fact that it creates extra objects on the page to clutter things
> up.
> >>> I was just wondering if perhaps this could be implemented in
> Scribus,
> >>> or if there is an easier workaround.
> >>
> >> however, there is a workaround: create a table of 1x1 cells and set
> its
> >> border as you prefer (you will have to select the cell with an alt-
> >> click... i hope your window manager is not capturing the
> shortcut...)
> >
> > This works....kind of. It almost manages to accomplish what I'm
> trying to
> > do. However, it adds another problem. When I create the cell, there
> is
> > initially no border around it. So far, so good. But when I go to the
> Line
> > tab in the PP and add a line on one side, Scribus adds the bordering
> line,
> > but also adds a black hairline on each of the other three edges. Am I
> doing
> > something wrong?
> >
> It always takes a while for me to remind myself about how to do this.
> For those who haven't tried and get frustrated, you can't just select
> the one-cell table in the usual way, you must select the cell
> individually as you would in a multiple-cell table, using Ctrl+Alt
> while
> clicking.
> You know that you've done this right (which might be hard to tell with
> a
> one-cell table) when you look at Line tab in Properties, where you will
> now see a new area labeled Cell Lines, where you can individually check
> for Line at Top, Left, Right, or Bottom.
> NOW, the problem I see once you do this, is that there does seem on
> selecting a line color in the Color tab, that not only is there a color
> where you have selected, but also on all the other sides as well,
> albeit
> a narrow one most likely.
> OTOH, in the end this seems to be a display issue in Scribus, since
> when
> I export to PDF, these unwanted lines are not there. I don't know
> whether there is a bug report for that, but it is a bug.

(slaps forehead) I never even thought of exporting to PDF. Since it seems to
be just a display issue, I won't worry about it! :)

> There is a major new table feature coming as part of Google Summer of
> Code, so it may be that once that becomes part of 1.5.0svn, its
> features
> might be extended elsewhere (not a promise).

Yes...that would be great.
> Greg


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