[scribus] Saving as PDF with a smaller file size (Chris)

Murray Strome wmstrome at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 19 04:49:15 UTC 2011

            I have been using the script at:
for several years now.  It works very well. Someone could make a small addition to it to do the following (which I do manually) after running the script on {FILE}.pdf

$rm *.meta
$rm {FILE}.pdf
$mv {FILE}.new.pdf  {FILE}.pdf

I have only used it with LINUX, but I imagine that it would probably work in Windows if Python is installed.


            	"Christopher A. Zaino, PT, PhD" <cazaino at gmail.com> wrote:
 am using Scribus 1.4.0.r5 on linux mint 10. I have a two page 
newsletter with 2 small pictures, some graphic shapes, some PDF 
hyperlinks, 5 layers. When I export this newsletter to a PDF format, it 
is quite large (19 mb). This is a problem because I need to email this 
newsletter to a group of people. So I need a smaller file size.

 have tried saving in various ways - PDF 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, I have changed 
the resolution of the pictures to 100, 125, 150 dpi (originally it was 
300 dpi) and it always saves at the same 19 mb. However, twice I have 
tried something and it will save at 1.3 mb or 1.8 mb, but when I try it 
again using the same (?) settings, it is back to 19 mb.

anybody have any suggestions on how to save the file to PDF with a 
smaller size - any settings I should be aware of or should I decrease 
the number of layers. I like the layers because I can move about the 
document easier with the layers - I have text on one layer, graphics on 
another, pictures on another.....

Also, any clue as to why I 
would get one size file most of the time and then have a drastically 
smaller file, but can't duplicate it within seconds of saving the first 
(smaller file)?



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