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Ondřej Němeček ondrej.nemecek at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 12:17:09 UTC 2011

On 08/15/2011 01:20 PM, josfon at xs4all.nl wrote:
> Sorry I was away for the weekend!
> The size of the picture I used in the final result is:
> 16339 x 8511 pixels (wich gave a dpi value of 125)
> The PNG file size is 155 MB.

I strongly suggest you to follow William's suggestion!

Look also on my table, you will see which OUTPUT-dpi
is convenient for various printing sizes. Next, calculate
which pixel size of INPUT image you need to obtain this
dpi on result. You will see you need much smaler image as
you have now.

> Concerning about DPI value during the proces is usefull becaurse that
> determines the quality of the final (print) result.

Not so, concerning about DPI value during the PROCES is NOT usefull,
it is usefull only wen talking about resulting printing data or 
resulting printed object.

When talking about source data (as input images are) only pixels and 
color depth has relevance. During DTP process YOU are responsive to set 
on how large area these pixels will be printed.

So when you talking about dpi of source image, you need to know its 
dimensions too, next you need multiply dimensions and dpi - and you
get dots value. These "dots" will be printed on area which you define, 
so dpi of result can be different compared to source. DPI of source
image don't guarantee nothing for output itself.

There is also differences between dpi,ppi and lpi but for this time
we can ignore it.

Ondrej Nemecek
icq: 250163477

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