[scribus] maximum image size

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Thu Aug 11 19:43:44 UTC 2011

> I have a billboard file with a 100 dpi image. So that's alright.

That really tells us nothing about the image size.

The DPI of a digital image is just a number, somewhere in the file
there is a number telling "this image is supposed to be 100 dpi".

It does not tell us how many pixels (it might be 16x16 pixels or
3000x3000 pixels).

It does not tell us how many megabytes (it might me 15 kB or 200 MB).

It does not tell us the compression (if any).

There was recently a discussion about this in the Scribus forum:

When you are talking about a digital image the DPI value is totally
useless. It only makes sense once the image in put onto a physical


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