[scribus] Downloading vs 1.5.0

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Aug 8 15:23:35 UTC 2011

hi bob,

> I have vs 1.4.0rc2 and I would like to try out vs 1.5.0 but I would 
> like to keep the version I have until I feel comfortable with the 
> latest version. Do I need to take any steps to insure that the new 
> version will not _replace_ the older version and that I would wind up 
> with both?

currently, 1.5 is being actively developed and it should not be used for 
production... basically, only people involved in the development (at 
some degree... i'm not only talking about programmers!) should use it.
even if there are some cool features in there!

if you don't know how to compile it yourself, there is probably not much 
interest in having it installed...

however, there is an easy solution: use the ppa from the ubuntu project!

finally, yes you can have several versions of scribus installed side by 
side... you can even open most of them at the same time!


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