[scribus] Rotated Text Frames

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Aug 7 12:59:11 UTC 2011


> > Interestingly, Scribus has more features than MS Word, which is why
> > I'm using it.  For the type of documents I create, WYSIWYG is
> > critical, so I rarely use Story Editor except for tasks which are
> > feasible, practical, or possible directly in the frame.
> I'm a big fan of Scribus, but really, does it have more features than
> MS Word??
> I can list dozens of features that MS Word has but Scribus lacks.
> Automatic foot notes, indices and tables of contens (based on styles),
> relative positioning of objects, automatically calculated
> fields/references, you can get word to automatically use styles in i
> defined order (like you start with Heading, the next paragraph
> automatically becomes Subheading and the next Body_first and the
> folloing ones become Body) are some examples.

when i want to have more control on the placement on the page i use excel. the grid it shows is very helpful.


p.s.: how can i activate that left italic with this keyboard?

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