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bobparham at comcast.net bobparham at comcast.net
Thu Aug 4 14:02:22 UTC 2011

I am writing a book using Scribus. The pages are 5.5" X 8.5". Typically, 
a signature will consist of one or more sheets of paper with two pages 
printed on each side.

I will have photos interspersed throughout the book and I have no 
problem flowing text around them. However, there will be a few full page 
photos in the book and I don't know how best to do this and link the 
pages. For example, suppose I have a chapter containing text on pages 1 
& 2, a photo on page 3 and text on page 4. How would I do this. I am 
using vs 1.4.0rc2.

I would appreciate some guidance here,


Bob Parham

*Bob Parham*

*People may forget what you did and people may forget what you said but
people will never forget how you made them feel.


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