[scribus] subsetting / outlining

jghali at libertysurf.fr jghali at libertysurf.fr
Tue Aug 2 16:44:55 UTC 2011

----- "a.l.e" <ale.comp_06 at xox.ch> a écrit :

> hi mike
> > A detail I found in my experiments with subsetting in Scribus is
> that if you view the PDF font properties, say in Acrobat Reader, you
> won't see the real font names.  So any person who receives your PDF
> won't know what the fonts are.  Adobe InDesign subsets fonts with the
> correct names in the PDF, for example "Eurostile-Condensed (Embedded
> Subset)", whereas Scribus subsets fonts with generic names in the PDF,
> "Fo0S0" in the same example.  It's for this reason that I don't subset
> (at least until Scribus exports font data correctly).
> >
> >
> is it already reported as a bug?
> if not, any chance you could report it?
> ciao
> a.l.e

Given Scribus currently subsets fonts as Type3 fonts this is not a bug but standard practice. Type 3 fonts are in Adobe terminology "user fonts" and are consequently not supposed to use an existing font name. The original font name will be kept the day we will be able to subset fonts while keeping the original font format (Type 1/TrueType/OpenType).


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