[scribus] from raymond mcinnis

Ray McInnis rgmc36 at comcast.net
Fri Apr 29 22:18:50 UTC 2011


a newbie to scribus, i am having some success, and some failures, 
basically blundering my way.

(the mail should bring schaefer's manual today.)

i work in both linux and windows, -- and this is one of my blunders, out 
which i was extracted by a friend -- and made the mistake of downloading 
scribus 1.4 (still in beta).

i have three questions:

1) with scribus 1.3, how do you paste a whole odt file into a scribus 
file, and, page by page,  have the the entire file distributed evenly?

2) where do you find out the functions of the commands p30, p31, etc?

3) where do you find recommended page formatting settings?


raymond mcinnis
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