[scribus] from ray at www.woodworkinghistory.com about locating address for scribus discussion board

Ray McInnis rgmc36 at comcast.net
Thu Apr 28 16:50:37 UTC 2011

hey guys, i am having difficulty cracking the scribus code. where is the 
button that gets you to the discussion board? i have a few questions 
about using it.

scribus looks good but i do have some reservations about the quality of 
info in the online help

for getting a command of scribus, i ordered  schaefer's manual, but it 
hasn't arrived yet.

with scribus i am doing a mock-up of a book that will be produced by a 
publisher (when it is completed)

i would like to find out more about the code for formatting two-column 
pages, including how to inset photos, drawings on the same page, and how 
to do sidebars.

i would appreciate any help


ray mcinnis
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