[scribus] Ghostscript: some notes

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 29 02:13:47 UTC 2011

As I have been working on some additional documentation regarding 
ghostscript, I find the following:

- GS is necessary for rasterizing PDFs, PS files, and EPS files. You can 
go through the motions of importing one of these, but on attempted PDF 
export, your document behaves as if an image is missing.
- GS is also necessary for vector import of PS and EPS files, in that 
there is some processing of the file before it can be placed on the 
document page which requires GS. You get no warning, no error, simply 
nothing happens after you select the file. This does not affect SVG import.
- GS is needed for Print Preview.

On Linux at least, it's hard if not impossible to use Preferences to 
"unfind" gs. I even tried creating a bogus file named gs in my home 
directory, selected it, but encountered no problem on restarting 
Scribus. You would have to move the binary, or, as I did, simply rename 
the gs bin file to something else to break it. This is how I experimented.

If you break your gs in this way, start Scribus, then unbreak it (rename 
or move back to where it should be), you immediately have gs available 
for rasterization for import into image frame or even vector PS and EPS 
import. OTOH, you need to restart Scribus to be able to use Print Preview.


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