[scribus] Help! Problem with tif/png image importation

Poubelle Poubelle poubelle.poubelle000 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 08:47:42 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,
I'm new on the scribus mailinglist and I don't speak very well english,
please be indulgent!

Well, I'll try to explain my issue:

I'm creating a scribus document (botanic panel) with text and images (yes, I
really do, as incredible as it seems!). I tried yesterday to import an image
into an image box but the resolution of this image got lost.
More precisely, I just scanned a picture, which I modified with Gimp to make
more images with the different parts of the original picture. I saved them
as PNG and TIFF files.
Now when I try to import them into my scribus doc, the imported picture has
a width of less then 400 pt (with a 100% scaling) and is "fuzzy" (is it the
right word?) instead of the 2700 pt wide (600 dpi) and sharp original one.
It happens the same with the other parts of this original scanned picture,
with other ones not! I don't understand anything, I get crazy and a bit

I must finish this work very quickly. I hope someone of you could help me
You can answer me in french, if you want/can.

Thanks a lot!
Vincent (Frenchy in Italy)
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