[scribus] Two problems with 1.4.0 RC 3

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Fri Apr 22 15:59:17 UTC 2011

Before I file  formal bug reports I thought I would run these two 
past the group:

1. When operating in certain windows such as the style manager 
the tooltips are not tied to the position of the window. If the 
window is off to the right of the main window they do not appear in 
the vicinity of the item under the mouse pointer but several inches 
off  the the left edge of the window. In 1.5.0 the same problem 
occurs. In the main window going from left to right the tooltip 
appears close to the mouse pointer until the "Insert shape" icon is 
reached. Thereafter the tooltip occurs near the "Insert shape" icon. 

2. in the style manager when creating a paragraph style the 
alignment icons do not indicate which one is in use.  They do 
function however.
John Culleton
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