[scribus] Outline

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Apr 18 06:00:42 UTC 2011


> I feel no need to press the point further, in terms of what 
> you prefer. "Document Structure" is a comfortable and 
> intelligible sounding phrase.
> However, you might consider how useful it is as a 
> descriptive if there are already "About 612,000 results 
> (0.11 seconds)" as Google returns for the quoted phrase.
> The phrase is predominantly used as a reference to the 
> internal structure of files, as in xml, html, tex, etc.
> Here, you want it to refer to objects at at higher level.

personally, i don't fully agree...
i see the outline tool as a quite low level tool.

as i wrote in a previous mail, my opinion is that the outline tool gives a view on the document which is quite near to the file's xml structure and few users should have to use it.
don't take me wrong: it's a powerful tool and it should be in scribus! but most users should be able to do all their work without even knowing that it exists! scribus should let you work in a visual way! (this item is on the left of that one, on top of it, it has a red border ... that kind of view!)

personally, i'm for calling it "file structure" to stress the fact that it's an alternative view to edit/view the .sla with a text editor...

i fear that as soon as the styles can be used to structure the document (headings) and that sections get more powerful, "document structure" will be, again, misleading.


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