[scribus] Outline

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 17 03:39:28 UTC 2011

On 04/16/2011 11:20 PM, Louis Desjardins wrote:
> 2011/4/16 Gregory Pittman <gregp_ky at yahoo.com <mailto:gregp_ky at yahoo.com>>

>     Yes, I agree. It's part of the reason that this escaped my
>     attention, thinking it was something else. The first question is
>     what to call it, what name describes what it does? It's not a page
>     organizer, it's really a navigation tool, organized by page/object.
>     I'm not at the moment in favor of calling it "Navigator".
> It might not be of help but the word that comes to mind and the one that
> is used most often in other apps is Thumbnails. It's less talkative than
> in FR or RU but this is what I find. There might be another word, more
> "talkative" !

This isn't really a thumbnail-type utility. It shows a list of a 
documents contents, i.e., the object names (with filter if desired), 
then allows you to jump to that item and select it.

So maybe "List and Pounce" :D -- that should produce some interesting 

"Object List/Select" -- a bit more sedate but also perhaps obtuse.

We certainly could legitimately call it a "Document Tree Selector" but 
again I think obtuse, and probably also hard to translate meaningfully.

This may be an instance where we need to search some language other than 
English for an apropos term, then do our best to translate to English 
and others.


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