[scribus] Option to save data into PDF form

Stefano Danzi s.danzi at hawai.it
Thu Apr 14 12:35:34 CEST 2011

I'm doing some test on PDF form (scribus 1.3.9, GS 9.0.1, windows).

Using Scribus I can make pdf form. Is possible fill this form using Acrobat reader and print filled form but not save filled PDF.

If I want to send this form useng email I have to add a button,
set action "send form" for this button and set target address mailto:address and format "PDF".

On Acrobat I press "Send Button", acrobat ask to me if I want to send
directly or save to send using webmail. I select save but Acrobat
permit to save in FDF, XFDF ecc ecc but not in PDF.

Using Acrobat Pro for a similar document on resulting PDF, opened with the same Acrobat Reader, I have "send button" on acrobat menu (withount add a button into a document) and pressing it I can save on PDF format.

Now the wonderful thing is this: I can open last saved pdf, modify form and press save button on Acrobat Reader. Form data are saved on pdf.

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