[scribus] interesting article with thoughts for us

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Tue Apr 12 12:26:13 CEST 2011

> IMHO it touch Scribus as well. OK, we have backward compatibility in one
> direction - Scribus opens files created in previous versions.
> But I think when 1.4.0 becomes stable release but more and more user start
> using 1.5 we will need to have in 1.5 possibility of saving for 1.4 at least.
> IMHO it is very very urgent.

I don't really see the point.

The old format will not support the features of the new version, so
saving in the old format will most likely lose a lot of what has been
entered into the document.

And if you can not use the features of the new version, why no stick
to the old stable version? With Scribus there is no problem having
multiple versions installed in parallell (something that is virtually
impossible with most MS products). And the old version of Scribus is
freely available.

So the solution is easy: If you need to make documents in old Scribus
formats, create them using the old version of Scribus.

It's just to much work for the developers to keep the possibility to
save to older formats. That time can be a lot better spent on
improving more needed features.


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