[scribus] Ubuntu crash on startup

Andreas Vox avox at arcor.de
Mon Apr 11 13:39:26 CEST 2011

Ondrej Nemecek wrote:
>So there should be some cooperation with Qt/gtk/cairo developers.


Have you reported the bug to the Ubuntu or Qt or cairo folks? That's about
all cooperation we can do at this moment. This bug appears three libraries
down from Scribus and we don't know their code base well enough to do any
bug hunting there. Unless we get some specific hints like "you have to use
cairo version x.y.z" or "you need to set these window hints in Qt before
calling the QApplication constructor" there's nothing we can do, sorry.


Dne 11.4.2011 12:26, Andreas Vox napsal(a):
> Hi!
> Several users have reported an error with Scribus on Ubuntu (
> <https://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=9753>
> https://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=9753).
> This error is not caused by Scribus but by the combination of Qt and Gtk
> window theme. Normally Qt applications don't use Gtk themes, but Qt has a
> special QGtkWindowStyle that reads the Gtk theme and tries to emulate that
> in Qt. For this it uses the cairo graphics library, which is also used by
> Scribus for other purposes. Somewhere along that road something goes wrong
> and Scribus crashes.
> Currently the only known workaround is to use qtconfig-qt4 to set the
> appearance to something else, e.g. "Cleanlooks".
> We Scribus developers can do little about this bug, since it is most
> a version conflict between the Qt/gtk/cairo libraries.
> /Andreas

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