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Nikita Sagl nikita at nikisa.at
Wed Apr 6 15:57:58 CEST 2011

Thank you for answering

Am 2011-04-06 12:00, schrieb Cezary Grabski:
>> At the moment i am compiling single algebra "working sheets" with lots
>> of graphical elements to bigger Sets up to about 50 sheets each.
>> My PC needs a lot of time to do so.
> What you mean exactly - on what actions you get most of delays?
> I am working on speeding up some Scribus actions like opening documents or
> importing texts - they needs some code cleanups.
I have delays when opening single sheets whith a mixture of loads of 
graphical elements and lots of text frames. But it takes ages, when I 
want scribus to compile them into a 50 sheet document.
Thank you for your attempts to improving the source.

>> CPU: Does Scribus handle more than one core well, or is one fast core
>> sufficient?
> Till now Scribus dont use more than one thread, so it is almost same fast on
> 4-core i7 and 2 core DuoCore and single core Petnium if all works with same
> frequency (depends mostly on other system stuff going on simultaneously).
> Differences in internal processors architecture (like internal cache) make
> them faster than other, but not cores number. Also you must remember that new
> processors that also new motherboard with new chipsets - it all may make
> difference.
> Meybe some day dev team decide to go to multithreaded model, but not in near
> future I afraid.
This is good information, so next CPU will propably be a fast dual core.
>> RAM: As there are never used more than 1GB of RAM, running scribus, 2GB
>> should be enough. Whereas I guess faster RAM would speed up.
> When I am working with above 100 pages document with lots of pictures and mass
> of text frames my Scribus is going to eat even 2GB RAM for himself. Actually I
> have 4 GB and it seems to fit my needs.
> Speed of RAM has inpact of performance, but you must to know, that even 2x
> faster RAM (and pherhaps 4x more expansive) dont give you 2x faster computer.
> Impact maybe will be 10% or even less.
I noticed before, that it jumps above 1 GB when it gets up to 40/50 pages.

>> Graphics card?
> I am not hardware expert but I think graphics card has small impact in overall
> performance of Scribus.
This is something I would realy like to know, as my integrated graphic 
chip isnt very potent - and it uses RAM memory.

>> SSD?
> Hmmm. SSD disk may increase Scribus performance, specially when you open docs
> or import big images and graphics. Generally good choice if you have lot of
> money to spend.
Yes... I think I will wait at least about a year with the option of 
installing a ssd. I am sure prices will decrease and they might get even 
Has anyone else experience with ssds and scribus?

> Few weeks ago I buy new hardware for my desktop and switch from Pentium 4 2.4
> GHz/2GB RAM/160GB HDD (SATA150) to i7 4-core 8-threads 2.2 GHz/6GB fast
> RAM/1TB HDD (SATA300) and notice BIG difference in speed in Scribus.
> My advice - prepare bootable USB stick with Ubuntu, Scribus and you documents.
> Go to shop and and ask if can ran laptop from your USB - just check in shop
> how new laptop will working for you with yours warkflow.

Thank you again for sharing your experiences and your knowledge.
Personally I will still wait with updating my hardware, because the 
delays just happen when im sticking together big files.
Its just that for the future I would like to know what increases speed 

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