[scribus] Speeding up Scribus

Nikita Sagl nikita at nikisa.at
Wed Apr 6 11:16:48 CEST 2011


Scribus 1.4.0. RC2 on Ubuntu 10.04.

At the moment i am compiling single algebra "working sheets" with lots 
of graphical elements to bigger Sets up to about 50 sheets each.
My PC needs a lot of time to do so.
My system:
Fujitsu Esprimo Mobile V6535, Celeron 900 2.20GHz, 2048MB Ram, 160GB 
Harddisk, IGP Intel GMA X4500
which for sure is not very up to date, but was cheap, worked out of the 
box with ubuntu, supports the external hd monitor and, as usual for 
laptops, has a low power consumption.

I just would like to know, if in the future I should buy or compile 
another faster system, what are the key components that speed up the 
work flow in scribus:

CPU: Does Scribus handle more than one core well, or is one fast core 
RAM: As there are never used more than 1GB of RAM, running scribus, 2GB 
should be enough. Whereas I guess faster RAM would speed up.
Graphics card?

Thanks for answering,
Nikita Sagl

Dipl.-Päd. Nikita Laetitia Sagl
Gerichtsgasse 7-9/6/8
1210 Wien
nikita.sagl at nikisa.at

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