[scribus] Odp: Lets talk about character styles

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Apr 4 07:38:45 CEST 2011

> And I wrote that...
> In my layouts I use 2-3 fonts with variants, so it is not very big problem for
> me.

No, the problem is for Scribus.

Say you have twio paragraph styles, let's just call them StyleA and StyleB.

StyleA uses FontA and StyleB uses FontB.

You suggestion is that you should be able to create a generic
StyleBold thus be able to use StyleA+StyleBold and StyleB+StyleBold.

But Scribus can not know what font to use for the bold version of
FontA or the bold version of FontB. You would have to tell Scribus,
for example by entering the information in StyleA and StyleB. And that
is more or less the same amount of work as creating StyleABold and

And what if you only enter the "which font is bold" information in
StyleA, but not StyleB, what should happen when someone tries to use
StyletB+StyleBold. (Or StyleC+StyleBold.)

Those uses become "undefined"...


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