[scribus] Odp: Lets talk about character styles

Cezary Grabski czarek at oferuje.pl
Sat Apr 2 17:58:37 CEST 2011

> This can be done using the "based on" list when defining the new style: if,
> say, you define "Style A" for paragraphs, then another "Style B" based on
> "Style A", and you only change the color, then any change you make to
> "Style A" is inherited by "Style B" -- except for the color.

Point is local formatting. I want to use character styles as local change for 
some exactly set of text attributes without touching other text attributes.

Imagine that workflow:
I would like to define character style "Warnings" as bolded font and red fill.
And I would like have abbility to apply such character style for some portion 
of text in headers, in lids, in story body, in photos captions... -so in every 
text with different paragraph styles, but only change font and fill color - not 
changing font size, tracking/kerning, glyph extenstion and all other char 
attributes I dont defining in char style definition.
Of cource if I change that "warning" char style (eg set underline) it will 
change in all places where that char style was used. But again - only that 
attributes change which I set in char style definition.

I think character styles should working that way. At least in that way too.


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